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Investing in Real Estate in PUERTO VALLARTA.....
Investing in Real Estate in Mexico "Puerto Vallarta"  

There are many different ways to invest in real estate that are tried and true such as 
"CAP RATE" Capitalization Rate (ratio of Net Operating Income "NOI" to property asset value), 
Gross Rent Multiplier (ratio of NOI to property asset value), 
or Internal Rate of Return ( the interest rate at which the net present value of all the cash flows (both positive and negative) from a project or investment equal zero.  They all take into consideration the time value of money and offer a way to compare similar properties in an objective manner.  There is no one method of investment comparison that is right for everybody in every situation.
We learned a long time ago that many successful investors have their own criteria for investing. 
Some may be as simple as only buying a type of property, single family, apartment building, industrial/commercial, warehouse, multi-family, etc.  
Others may be as crazy as the successful sports bettor that bets on a team because of the name of the team.  
No reasoning to some, but resulting success from their instinct can be staggering.  
Some real estate investors create similar unlikely scenarios that end up working out well for them.  
It could be the name of the street, or community the property is located, numbers of the address, or as crazy as the color of the building or front door.  The options are as endless as they are personal .
While some tenant/owner relationships develop into great friendships, there are times when residential tenants do not respect the property they are leasing. Not everyone has the various attributes needed to deal with tenants, and may not be willing to assume the risk that some of them bring to ones investment property.   
Others don't want the risk of a vacancy in a commercial or industrial property and the exposure to the length of time it can take to find a replacement tenant for such a use-specific property.  
Bottom line is, it is important to find your comfort level when you invest.
If you don't want tenant concerns, you can look to vacant land, or lots.  
The investment will not provide a cash flow as general rule, but the right acquisition price can bring strong yields in good appreciation over time. This is when you must consider the nature of your investment preference: cash flow or appreciation??
Sure, both are desired!!  But not always possible for a variety of reasons.  
It is important to focus on your cash flow timing preference and hope the other aspect can be shored up in time.
Successful real estate investors often end up with a sympathy investment in their portfolio.  This can be the purchase of a home for a parent, child or sibling.  It can also come in the form of purchasing a property and giving a favorable lease to a chosen charity or other non-profit organization.  Such support for volunteer organizations serves to make our communities better. Those programs can provide great service and contributions to those they are reaching out to.
Reality: It isn't always about financial return on your investment.  
Many people get greater enjoyment from the emotional return on their investment than the money they would or could earn in another investment.  All things considered, invest for you and your family. Determine what you are trying to achieve and plan accordingly. There are so many options and types of real estate from which you can structure your portfolio. 

At "PPR" Pacific Paradise Realtors we have assisted many from acreage lots for your grandchildren to inherit, to a duplex that your mother in law can live in one side of, to luxury condo on the beach, golf course frontage homes, marina front condos and so much more.
There are many different types of real estate investment opportunities here in Puerto Vallarta.
So remember we are here to help you find the one that is the best option for you. Our goal is to provide comfort and wealth to you and yours.  
Real estate has been the route to great wealth for many people. Diversification is simply the most intelligent way in our turbulent world. It can also be a means for comfortable cash flow, retirement planning, emotional comfort and many other things.  Figure your objective and take action. Call with your Agent at achieve it.   

When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs.   Because Experience is Priceless! 

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