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Retirement abroad for greater quality and Healthier lifestyle

7 Affordable Places to Retire Abroad

Retirement can be about elevating your standard of living and enriching your lifestyle, even if you have only a modest nest egg. And retirement can begin at any time and any age. To do this you need to shift your perspective and look beyond our own borders.

The idea of relocating to another country, in retirement or otherwise, can be intimidating. To pick a place, start by figuring out how much money you have to live on in retirement. Tally the equity in your home, the value of your IRA or other retirement accounts, your Social Security or other pensions, your car, other property holdings, collectibles, and household goods.

After you’ve taken stock of what you own, take a good look at who you are. Make a list of your personal priorities and preferences, your interests and agendas, and your objectives and goals at this point in your life. What could you not live without?

Then compare your personal priorities against the world’s most interesting, appealing, and affordable places to spend time. There are at least 25 countries where you could live well on very little. Here are seven of my picks for the world’s top retirement havens.

Panama. In many ways, Panama is the world’s premier overseas haven. It’s certainly the best choice if you’re considering launching a new business as part of your new life overseas.

France. France is far more affordable in some regions than you might imagine and delivers an unparalleled quality of life for every euro invested.

Belize. With both Caribbean island and inland highlands living options, this is a country where life is sweet and simple.

Mexico. Mexico the top choice for most, as it's a good choice if you don’t want to move too far from children or grandchildren. Most options getting there, travel by car, bus, air or water. You’ll be far removed from all the troubles of the rest of the world in this safe, stable, and welcoming country.  

Croatia. This is the new and far more affordable Tuscany.

Malaysia. My top pick in Asia is not only super-affordable but also, unlike most countries in this part of the world, open to foreign retirees. Malaysia has straightforward, user-friendly options for establishing foreign residency.

Uruguay. You’ll as well be far removed from all the troubles of the rest of the world in this safe, stable, and welcoming country.

We at Pacific Paradise Realtors feel this is fact. One can live far better, on far less south of the border. Our obvious choice Mexico due to climate and so much more!!

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